About Us


I’m Gerald, welcome to my site!

I have been playing many different casino games for about 14 years now. Casino games and poker have been my passion since I was 23. I still remember where it all started – my first trip to Vegas. All those sparkling lights, colorful slot machines, poker tables, sounds, and a great vibe altogether. I knew I wanted to tie my life around casinoes and gambling.

Fast forward to today – I consider myself to be a casino and online gaming expert. I work together with the best casinos around the world and online. I welcome you to my website that discusses online gaming – the latest news, tips and tricks, and finally – I hope my website is a valuable source of information to everyone who is interested in casino games.

Ps! Please be extra careful if you gamble! Gambling can be highly addictive! Most people keep their gambling under control and are not at risk for gambling addiction. According to various studies, about 5-10 percent of frequent casino visitors are gambling addicts.

A man gotta make at least one bet a day, else he could be walking around lucky and never know it – Jimmy Jones

Good Luck!
Gerald Patterson